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Shopping for Mens Shoes

Men rarely shop for shoes. If they did, they usually have a good reason for it. Most of the time it is because their old reliable pair gave out its last breath and broke down. And even though more and more men are slowly becoming more fashion forward, they are still in need of advice on how to shop for shoes. With a little hope, this list of advice will help.

For the best fitting shoes, go to sneaker and dress shoe specialty stores. But for the best deals, department stores, wholesalers and outlet malls are always your best bets. Clearance sales are also very helpful in relation to saving money on a pair. Shoes that are on sale are usually outdated by a season or two. But think about it: when you actually get on the streets, who will notice? This is actually an advantage that men have over women. Men can actually recycle their shoes and still be in season. As long as they are clean, with the right outfit and attitude, you can easily wear designer shoes that were the in thing two seasons ago.

Buying online can be quite tricky, especially if you are not that sure on the sizes, how it actually looks like, and other minor details. A good trick would be to go to a similar store the make sure that your choice of shoe has a comfortable fit, then log in online for the best deal. Having past experiences with a certain brand will also help, giving you less to worry about when trying them on. Besides, online retailers offer full refunds on purchases.

The best time to visit shoe stores are on late weeknights or Sunday mornings. More often than not, you will be the only customer in the store, therefore the salesperson will be able to give you his full attention for great one-on-one service.

More often than not, there are good cobblers around your area. These people are dedicated shoemakers and they can create custom-made dress shoes that are perfectly sized, made to match your feet and style. They might not be Nike or Reebok, but they are custom-made to fit you.

Unlike most women, men always put comfort first before anything else when it comes to shoes. But with a lot of men being able to balance the need for style with the need of comfort, the world is now ready for stylish men’s shoes that fulfill the need for form as well as function.


How to Match Shoes According to Your Dress

Even though many men are interested in matching shoes and become fashionable, when it comes to men’s shoes, most of them do not know how to match shoes according to their outfits. In fact, when you match your shoes to your dress, you have to consider so many things. So, we will see some of the most important facts that you should consider to make your looks more sharp and smart.

First of all, men’s shoes should match the pair of trousers they wear. As a matter of fact, the common practice is that men’s shoes should be darker than the pants they wear. But, when it comes for jeans, they can wear any color of shoes. But, here you should remember that whatever color you wear, your shoes should match your belt.

Anyhow, matching the color of your socks is not a must when you are wearing shoes. But, in order to be in the safe side and to become more decent, you can try out that method too.

Furthermore, also avoid wearing shining shoes for normal events because you should match the pair of shoes you wear even with the occasion. You might also have dozens of pairs of shoes in your wardrobe. But, remember you can never wear hiking boots for a tuxedo. So, all these facts include common sense on day to day life. If you be practical enough, you can easily get a nice attention from both males as well as females. So, think twice before you wear anything because the first impression you get from someone matters a lot.

The Best Mens Shoes for Winter

With the winter season fast approaching, department and clothing stores are starting to put up winter apparel on display. Men who are planning on stocking up on winter apparel will not be disappointed with the selection being sold today. Jackets, vests, pullovers, sweaters come in various colors and fabrics that are sure to provide warmth and comfort during the cold season. Winter accessories are being sold as well such as mittens, scarves and ear muffs. To complete the outfit, men should also consider browsing what men’s shoes are available for the winter season.

One of the most popular types of men’s shoes for winter is the boots. There are different kinds of boots being sold today for men and each one of them is made from quality materials with the goal of keeping their feet warm and dry. Men should consider buying those brands that have a solid reputation and a guarantee that the boots they will be buying are made from quality and durable materials. Most winter boots sport soles that are suitable for walking on icy landscapes to prevent any accidents from happening. Some feature strap on soles for better hold. The best thing about boots is that they are lightweight, a contrast to its bulky design that men find comfortable to use. They also come at affordable prices and if you buy online, you can also get great discounts especially when they are on sale.

Men will definitely not have any trouble finding the right kind of winter shoes for their use especially when online stores are offering a wide selection for them to choose from. High cut boots, reversible boots, clogs, sneakers are just some examples of winter shoes available today and they all provide the right kind of warmth and comfort during the winter months. With their durability and longevity, just imagine how much can be saved when making use of these shoes.

Winter season is all about being warm, dry and comfortable and this is exactly what winter apparel and winter shoes are all about. Men are sure to enjoy the winter season even more with the number of clothing apparel being sold today for their use. They are sure to be seen sporting these cool outfits with ease accompanied with lightweight shoes that will keep them warm and dry while walking on snow. This is a sure way of passing the winter season without any problems at all.

Tips for Stretching Leather Shoes

If you have just purchased a new pair of leather shoes, only to find out that they are a bit too tight, there is no need to panic. It’s possible to either break these in through regular use, or follow a few simple steps for stretching leather shoes. By choosing to stretch them, you will have the same style but in a size that conforms more easily to your feet, in very little time. The first step is to take a look at the shoe and see if there are any areas where it is tighter than in others. These areas may need some special attention.

You don’t need to go to a cobbler to go about stretching leather shoes. Common household products like alcohol can be extremely useful for this purpose. Before putting on your shoes, rub in a bit of alcohol to areas that need to be stretched, such as the heels, toes, and sides of the shoe. Because alcohol dries faster than water, it won’t get your feet wet when you put your shoes on right after rubbing it in. The alcohol makes the leather more pliable, so that when you are wearing shoes that have been rubbed with it, the leather will gently stretch to accommodate the shape of your feet, naturally.

Unlike water or some other materials, the alcohol will not dry out the leather so you don’t have to worry about any cracking or creasing. It’s best to leave the shoes on for a couple of minutes after you have put the alcohol on, and repeat this process for a few days until the shoes fit better. Another trick for stretching leather shoes is to fill up plastic bags with water, and then stuff these inside of your shoes. Put them in the freezer overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand slightly, gently stretching the shoes without the need for rubbing any other substances into them.

Some experts also recommend stuffing your shoes with common household items such as banana peels or peeled potatoes. While there is no one trick that will work for stretching leather shoes every time, you can experiment with the techniques that work the best for you. Perhaps the simplest method is to wear thick socks and take short walks for a few days wearing your tight shoes. The socks will protect your feet from blistering, while stretching out the leather easily.