Choosing The Proper Clothes

Good clothes that fit you well can boost your self-esteem. They give you a sense of self-worthiness. Your thinking is transformed and, wow, you feel invincible! If you like the nicely dressed person you see in the mirror, then, certainly your confidence will be boosted to a greater extent. Clothes which suit your body can have such good effects on you.

Here are some useful steps that you can follow when choosing the right clothing for your body;

Wear Clothes that are Right for Your Body

Wearing the right clothes (not too tight or big) will make you look even bigger. When buying clothes, you may choose those that are tight or short,if you have a thin figure.

Also, a belt or scarf that dangles toward your lower limbs might make the legs appear longer (You wouldn’t like that!). Ladies, avoid belts at all costs unless you have a slim waist.

Thinner fabrics make you look slimmer, but as for those that you can see through, wear a satin, nylon or cotton camisole underneath them. Too large clothes will not veil your body shape but they will make you look bigger instead.

When it comes to color, a top and a bottom of one color will make you look slimmer, but be sure to wear different hues or shades of that same color.

Tip: Clothes with prints here and there can create a fuller you. So, just wear prints near the parts of your figure’s assets (breasts, etc.). Why? They appear to be more attractive than solid colors!

Check the Quality of Clothes

After choosing the right kind of clothes you must also check if they are of good quality. Check the elasticity of the material. You should also study the labels of your clothing so you know how to properly take good care of them (washing, drying and ironing). This helps to keep them in their good quality.

Tip: Most good quality articles are hand stitched (scarfs, etc.)

Don’t Be a Slave to Every Fashion

The clothes we wear are governed by fashion one way or the other. Does this mean that you will have to wear all clothes that hit the fashion industry? The answer is NO! You must choose clothes that will compliment and suit your figure, so, find the clothes that are right for your body type and size.

Choose a Good Bra and Underwear

Ensure your bra and underwear is proper for you, not body-hugging or wobbly or bulgy. Wearing boy-shorts beneath your pants makes you look slenderer and not have those ‘underwear lumps’ that can be embarrassing at times!

Tip: If you find it difficult to comprehend your bra size, go to an undergarments store and get measured correctly.

Satisfied that you have chosen clothes that suit you well, you will be thrilled to feel their comfort as you walk down the street in them. You can even turn some heads around in admiration! You feel good about yourself- your sense of well-being is multiplied. So, go ahead and choose good clothing for yourself!