Running Tips For Choosing the Correct Type of Running Shoes

Choosing running shoes is not simply about choosing the one that makes you look good – as tempting as this may be for some. You will look amazing when you finish your first half or full marathon, you won’t need your shoes to make you look good! There are essentially 3 types of foot strike, and there are 3 main types of shoes:

1. Stability Shoes – These are suited for people who have a normal arch, in other words they have neutral pronation. They provide moderate control over the roll of the foot and simply help cushion the impact.

2. Motion Control Shoes – These shoes are for people who have a flat arch and hence over-pronate. These shoes provide high stability and try and decrease the amount the foot rolls inward. Typically these shoes have a hard inner edge on the sole.

3. Cushioned (Neutral) Shoes – These shoes are for people who have a high arch. Typically these people under pronate so the shoe must not provide stability but rather try help absorb impact from the inefficient foot strike.

If you’ve finally found the pair that seems good, then you are nearly done. Make sure that the shop you are buying your shoe from has a policy to allow you to return the shoes within the next week or so if they don’t seem suitable. Take the shoes out to meet the road. As soon as you can, go out for a run with your new pair of shoes. While you are running try and be aware of how they feel. They are new so they may feel different but there should be no places that seem to rub, or strange protrusions that are poking your foot.

Most shoes should last you for about 1000km (600mi), so the pair you buy now will see you comfortably through a 5 mile, half marathon and full marathon training program.