Semalt Suggests Best Free Web Scraping Tools To Extract Online Data

Some web scraping services are famous among users because of their marvelous data extraction options, features, and properties, while the other services are good for nothing. The web scraping services we have discussed here are not very complex, and they can easily scrape a large number of sites and blogs. It's true that there are plenty of scraping programs, but the following ones are freeware and will fulfill your business requirements.

1. is a powerful web data extraction service that follows the simple methodologies to extract data. This can build your personal datasets and import the data from one web page to another. Plus, you can save the desired data on your hard disk, and doesn't need any code to scrape multiple web pages.

2. Scrape Box

Scrape Box is specifically designed for the SEO services and provides companies and freelancers with best data scraping services. In other words, we can say that it is both an SEO tool and a data scraper. In addition, Scrape Box can perform functions related to searching engine crawling, comment posting, link checking, keyword searching and on-page SEO.

3. CloudScrape

CloudScrape is a browser-based web scraper and online editor that helps scrape a large amount of data without any problem. It gives us the facility of saving the data on different cloud storage platforms such as and Google Drive. You can also keep your data in the form of CSV and JSON. It is one of the most powerful and comprehensive cloud-scraping services on the internet that helps to navigate through sites, fills the forms, builds robots and extracts real-time data.

4. TheWebMiner

TheWebminer is a famous online data scraping program and serves as a powerful automation and consulting service. From the real-time data to a single site, this tool provides you accurate information on a daily basis in a variety of formats. It also cleans the data by eliminating the duplicates and irrelevant content, giving you the best possible results.

5. Mozenda

Mozenda is a genuine and advanced website scraping service and data extraction tool. It is mainly recognized by different brands and comes with advanced cloud-based architecture, offering fast deployment, better scalability and easy access to multiple types of data. You can arrange your files and export them in a variety of formats using Mozenda. This program is known for its accuracy and requires no maintenance.

6. Visual Web Ripper

The Visual Web Ripper is the one-stop solution for the automated web data scraping, content extraction, and web harvesting. It is one of the most powerful web data extractors on the internet. The tool collects data in both text and image form. It then arranges the data based on your requirements and the outputs are always valuable and useful.

7. WebHose

WebHose, also called, is a famous web data extraction and integration program that provides easy access to the real-time and well-structured data. You can crawl thousands of sites and online resources and save the final things in more than 200 languages. It helps you cover a wide array of forums, news outlets, blogs, and online retailers.